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  • Riotzone mega update! 26.01.2015 20:18

    Greetings Amigos! Today, Monday 26th of January, we present to you the biggest update since we introduced the Zone! This Mega Update brings Expeditions, Faction Leaders and an all-round Zone update - changing some and adding even more stuff for you to discover. Also with this update comes the newest unique Mercenary to the country of Merania - the Countess. This special mercenary is available up until the 12th of February so get her before she leaves!

    This update brings a lot of new stuff, and it never hurts to try them out. Will you obtain the newest unique mercenary? Perhaps a powerful equipment set from the brand new Expeditions? Venture into the Zone and discover what the Zone’s hidden Lab has to offer or maybe even become the Leader of your faction?!  

    Or even better - all of the above? Whatever you decide - this update has something for everyone!
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  • RiotZone maintenance on the 26th of January 25.01.2015 05:08

    There will be a scheduled server maintenance on Monday the 26th of January between 12:00 and 13:00 server time. During this time the RiotZone server will be unavailable.

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  • RiotZone 3 Years! 24.01.2015 08:01

    Let the celebrations begin my fellow mercenaries! Riotzone, the online strategy game is now three years old. Yes my friends, it seems we started only yesterday, but it really has been three successful years.  So to all battle hardened veterans and new players alike, we would like to thank you for keeping the fight going and dedicating yourselves to the liberation of Merania.

    But this is not the end my brothers, indeed no - soon there will be a major update with new exciting game mechanics, a multitude of Zone content and improvements. There will be many, many more developments as our fourth year progresses. And this is just the start my amigos, keep your eyes peeled as well for another awesome Special Event coming soon in February and many exciting developments throughout the year.

    So let the champagne flow and the party begin in celebration of our ongoing success and for you, our loyal mercenaries, we have a birthday Pin Code: 3 Years anniversary

    As our fierce mercenaries stagger home from the evenings celebration we can look forward with hope and excitement to many more thrilling years of battles against the Dictator.

    From all of us here at Riotzone, thank you all.

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  • RiotZone maintenance on the 15th of January! 15.01.2015 11:47

    There will be a scheduled server maintenance on Thursday the 15th of January between 14:30 and 15:00 server time. During this time the RiotZone server will be unavailable.

    Changes during maintenance:

    -  spanish version of RiotZone will be closed.


    Team RiotZone.
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  • Happy New Year 31.12.2014 04:26

    Team RiotZone wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year and may 2015 be full of great and a fabulous achievements and experiences! Wealth and happiness to you all and may all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled.

    New Year is always full of new hope, but also New events, Heroes Team, many Zone changes in response to players feedback and new game mechanics are waiting for you in 2015! Thank you for supporting us and enjoying this beautiful game, stay tuned and Happy New Year!  

    Our special gifts are waiting for you using this PIN codes: Happy New Year and Miracles happen

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  • Winter Wonderland 25.12.2014 07:59

    Today, 25th December 2014 until 22nd January 2015, Riotzone introduces its ‘Winter Wonderland’ event. Now you will have two extra missions, ‘Snow Clearing’ and ‘The origins of the Snowmen,’ as well as the clan operations ‘Snow terror’ and ‘Death in the Air,’ where vicious penguins and dastardly Snowmen await. And what reward shall you receive? Snowflakes! A new temporary currency that allows you to obtain rare percs, purple buffs, mercenaries or the most valuable New Year’s equipment

    RiotZone - Strategy Online Game

    So amigos it is up to you alone. Take up the challenge, defeat the evil hordes of Dr Tesla and become the greatest mercenary in Merania!

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  • RiotZone maintenance on the 25th of December! 23.12.2014 08:28

    There will be a scheduled server maintenance tomorrow on Thursday the 25th of December between 08:00 and 09:00 server time. During this time the RiotZone server will be unavailable.

    Update: Server maintenance has been postponed until 10:00 - 11:00 o'clock (server time).

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  • Packet Bonuses increase! 23.12.2014 06:52

    From the 23rd December till the 2nd January 23:59 (server time) we’re launching our special offer for in-game dollars purchase!

    Buying a package of:

    500 dollars will result in a bonus of 630 dollars instead of the usual 30.

    1000 dollars will result in a bonus of 1500 dollars instead of the usual 100.

    2000 dollars will result in a bonus of 2430 dollars instead of the usual 260.

    5000 dollars will result in a bonus of 7777 dollars instead of the usual 750.

    14000 dollars will result in a bonus of 23510 dollars instead of the usual 2240.

    32500 dollars will result in a bonus of 55360 dollars instead of the usual 5360.

    Please note: Bonuses are limited to once per package, meaning you can only get a single bonus from each package!
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  • Bunker siege 18.12.2014 10:23

    From the 18th of December a new mission “Bunker siege” is available for all players of level 20 and above. Players will be rewarded with chevrons; a temporary currency which can be used to buy “useful crates” with various goodies inside!

    New mission along with Perks, Buffs or even sketches are waiting for you until the 30th of December,so, hurry up amigo, achieve your Victory and stay tuned for more updates over the next weeks! ;-)
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  • Team of Heroes 04.12.2014 06:32


    Today in RiotZone we have added a new collection: "Team of Heroes". To collect it, you need to recruit five unique mercenaries.

    First among the unique mercenaries - The Joker. By signing Joker’s Contract you recieve one of the items needed for the collection. Recruit this new mercenary and get started on the road to completing the collection - but be quick: you only have until the 18th of December to recruit the first Hero to your squad.

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