Welcome to the tough world of RiotZone - a militaristic browser-based strategy game based on modern conflicts!


The game deals with the fight to liberate Merania - a small state in Latin America that is suffering under the yoke of military rule. The powerful Dictator that has subjugated this country does not yet suspect a new player has entered the game - you.

RiotZone - Online Strategy Game


As a mercenary commander you can join the ranks of one of two organizations that are challenging the Dictator. Do you share the fanaticism of the Scarlet Alliance who want to hand the power in Merania to the people? Or do you have more in common with the Crown Coalition, known fr their calculating, businesslike approach?


The war against the Dictator will break out all across Merania. You will have to make daring forays, organize ambushes, intercept convoys and storm military bases. Fights take place in semi-automatic mode with indirect control - the fighters act independently, but you should regularly intervene to ensure your men use all their special skills.



RiotZone - Online Strategy Game



Commanding a squad of mercenaries is not for the faint-hearted. You will have no chance to rest in the lulls between fighting - the leader bears the burden of setting up camp, training soldiers, controlling the finances and buying supplies.


Of course, it is not possible to challenge the Dictator alone. Loyal comrades-in-arms can join you at any point. Friendship and mutual assistance are by no means the only codes by which mercenaries live. More often than not they are guided by the principle: "Victory at any price!"



RiotZone - Online Strategy Game



Fighters from the opposing faction are always looking for an opportunity to put a spoke in the wheels of your team. The only way to prevent enemy aggression is to strike first! To allow you to do this the game has a raiding mechanism in addition to set missions: you can carry out attacks on the camps of opposing players.


Are you ready to feel the weight of a machine gun in your hands, the smell of the blazing jungle and the intoxicating taste of victory? Then onwards! Merania needs a new leader!